Tales From The Disenchanted

By Diana Leavengood Blanco

Tales From The Disenchanted is a book of stories of sadness, of pain and of loss distilled in poetic form. Breathtaking in its range and remarkable in its familiarity, these are poems born from the depths of the heart and the darkest corners of the human psyche.

In sharing her journey and the memories that have gathered like dust upon her life’s well-trodden path, wordsmith Diana Leavengood Blanco has masterfully created a literary experience that will remind us of the things that give meaning to existence. Each line and verse vividly capture the essence that makes life delicately beautiful, and the feelings and frailties that make us truly human. This is poetry that genuinely recognizes life in all its ironies while hinting at the strength and persistence of the human spirit when confronted by difficulty.